2 wild boar masks from Bali

Bali is an island that represents a very small part of Indonesia, and yet they produce many beautiful masks for their traditional dance dramas and the many tourist that visit. Most collectors are familiar with them. But these boar masks are unusual, especially the second one. If you know something about them, please use the comment box to tell us a little more.


  • Chris

    I do not know anything about Balinese masks, but it is for sure that at least the first mask is a great piece of art. It is so difficult to carve animal masks that are easily wearable for a person. Most of all, it is difficult as with most animals, like the boar, the eyes are oriented sideways on the real animal, while on a mask, the openings for the eyes must be somehow oriented towards the front, being not the case, the wearer will not see much. The solution on this particular mask is excellent, as although the eyes are clearly oriented in the way that would accommodate the wearer, it is still very animal-like. I would surely love to wear it.


    Hello I’m very certain that the fist mask is Barong ..Bangkal variation…the second one might be the same character but from a different artisan..definitely more unique, not necessarily more valuable. Both are beautiful pieces, congrantulations on having them

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