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3 more Tukuma masks from Amazon

Q: Thank you for taking the time to take a look at these items. There are 3 figures. Each measure to approx 52 inches in total length. My grandfather acquired them in the Brazilian Amazon maybe 10 years ago. He got them directly from an indigenous tribe when he was on a excursion up through the Rio Negro with my brother. I don’t know the name of the tribe, however, after doing some research I was thinking maybe Tikuna? He told me that they were guardians against cannibals, but he could have made that up. He was quite the story teller. Let me know what you think. I’d love any advice on selling the items, if you have any info on that too. Jasmine, 1629

A: I just posted a Tukuna/Tikuna mask for Sharon on 10/24/2019! It is much different than all of yours. The Tukuna have a lot of characters to celebrate. Your masks represent three different spirits and each was made with less care than Sharon’s beautifully carved wooden face an other handsome decorations.

I would give your three a B-. I you read our website you will notice that we give our appraisal customers wholesale, retail and insurance prices, in addition to more description and marketing suggestions. This service requires payment of a fee. Ask the Mask Man is free.

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