3 Unique Ways to Display a Mask

I love seeing a wall full of masks but what if you want to make one masks the focal point?  One masks to control them all! (Sorry, I couldn’t help making LOTR reference).  Hanging one mask all by itself might draw attention but it seems a bit sparce to me.  If you have an intriguing story to go along with the single mask or maybe a plaque placed under it, that might suffice but let me try to inspire you to reach a little bit deeper into your creativity.

The following 3 ideas for creating a single mask focal point will hopefully get your juices flowing and help you come up with some fresh ways to display your masks.



  1. Mounted on a painting.

I’m not referring to a painting of a mask but actually placing the mask on a painting. Adding depth can bring a new dynamic to your mask.  I’m suggesting you mount a mask on top of an existing painting/picture where the mask fits into the flow or subject of the picture.




  1. Pandora’s box.

What is hidden in the box?  Adding a mystery is a great way to bring attention to your mask.  Imaging having a chest chained and locked sitting on your desk or strategically placed somewhere that a visitor can’t help but notice.  I can already hear the conversion.  Umm, why is that chest chained and locked?  Or maybe they will just glance furtively at it now and again which would be your clue to bring up the mystery.


  1. One mask hung under a low-watt light.

Sometimes the simple things work the best.  I can see it now, a shelf with a single mask placed under a light.  I believe it would quite the attention getter.







The next time someone sees your collection, I hope your single mask focal point design gets noticed and generates a conversation.  Please feel free to share some of your ideas in the comment section below, I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve come up with!

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