Knights of old used masks

Q:  Helmets count as a type of mask, right? I thought this one was particularly cool. Imagine showing up for a joust and your opponent is wearing this.  Found on twitter @TheHiddenWorld   Helmet (Savoyard Type) Germany 1620,  Jay, 1454


A:  Jay is right.  The face part of a helmet 1s both for protection and intimidation.  This is one of the most scary (and funny) pieces of armor from the middle ages I have ever seen. The other Savoyard helmet is not as funny, but it is in higher resolution so you can blow it up and see all the detail.  We have a category called “Protection” which also contains gas masks, law enforcement masks and a lot athletic masks. If you go to the “Protection” category you can see much more. Do you agree that most of these masks are meant to look intimidating?

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