Another West African Mystery

Somewhere in Africa
Somewhere in Africa

Q: Not sure if this is an original or not. Picked it up at an auction sale. Sure is an odd one but handsome enough…lol! Thanks for anything you can tell me.  Eileen, 611

A: You will have difficulty identifying this mask. It could indeed be an original design. This is in the style of West Africa, but certainly nothing I recognize. I know you would like to know more. What culture, or more likely, what combination of cultures, influenced the carver of this mask? Perhaps someone will comment on this. Though the piece was quickly made, it does have an interesting design with its extensions from both the top and the bottom seeming to want to meet each other. I can see why you like it.  C


  • Eileen Doran

    Hello there. In doing research on the first mask I sent you, I came across some similar masks to this one. One is the Bete Gere and another is the Kpeli-yehe face mask. They are both from the Ivory Coast.


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