A poor mans Paragueros

Tlaxcala maybe
Tlaxcala maybe

Q: Your name and e-mail was given to me by a seller on E-bay- “mask monger.”  I found this mask in a box of things I bought at auction. I’ve called and e-mailed several different people hoping to learn a little history of this mask, and only mask monger knew anything. He said it might be a Paragueros mask- but told me to ask you. I’d be very grateful of any advice you could offer, thank you for your time. Tom, 612

A: Maskmonger made an interesting guess. Paragueros masks from Tlaxcala are exquisitely made with glass eyes and fine fringe on the forehead. Your mask could be something that a poor, untrained carver did. Looks like some kind of fake eyes were to be glued into those two shallow holes. It has been used and is a wonderful folk art piece. You should enjoy it on your wall… or try selling it to a Mexican mask collector.  A-

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