Little trio of masks

Mexico, England, Italy
Mexico, England, Italy

Q:  In discussion with a friend, I took a picture of some of the masks on the wall. We were discussing the different origins of Carnival masks.  One looks like the Guy Fawkes mask… I think the other a Venice mask?  I came across your site, as we were trying to research. I unfortunately do not have detailed and separate photos. I know they are for fun and decorations, but if you could help identify where these masks are from, I would be very grateful. If not, I understand.  Ruhi, 734

A:  Seeing your photo of three store-bought plastic masks intrigued me. One is the famous Guy Fawkes masks (UK), another is a Venice-style carnival mask, and the third would be a Mexican Day-of-the-Dead mask. Of course, these cheap little items were probably all made in China. (What isn’t?) The three make for an interesting group. I would love to know what you and your friend discussed. And why did you photograph them in black & white?


    • Bob Ibold

      I apologize! It was stupid of me to use the double adjective “cheap little.” We all know that China is the most important manufacturing country in the world.

  • Dijuri

    I just recently stumbled upon this website while trying to do some research on my mask collection I have. Love this site! I have a mask I may send in to get analyzed as I’m stumped about it. Anyway, the mask in the upper left is from a show called Kooza. It’s based on the one of the main characters. The one below it is a “zebra” mask from “O”. Both Kooza and “O” are shows produced by Cirque du Soleil and I highly recommend seeing them! I have the zebra mask 🙂

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