Fine mask and a poem

Guere-WobeQ: I wonder if its authentic and if it is a Dan Ngere?  Leon, 585  (Leon also sent along a poem about masks which you can read at the end of my comments.)

A: The Dan group of tribes spread over parts of both Ivory Coast and Liberia. Various subgroup names like Ngere, Guere, Wobe, We, etc. are worth investigating for photography that matches your piece. I love the way yours looks with its exaggerated sculpture, colors, materials and appealing patina. It may very well be authentic and old… but who cares?  A

Leon’s poem Personae follows.
If a mask were I
how could i justify
this second skin
in which i am
to show my self
my alter ego
other half
kept on a shelf
just for intimacy
between her and me
than I could play
the sad or gay
or both anyway
play for fool
to move on
day by day
I have nothing
to say about
this face
this personae
which nay I am
or seem to be
so i hang her
on my wall
for times i need
to call in
on her reciprocity
or just another play
i need to stage
and state my age
or just before i fall
although i rather
turn that page
and show my truest sin
or peel it of
to show the one
i am from deep within
If a mask were I
how could i justify
this second skin.

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