Native America

Iroquois False Face Mask

Q:  This mask was given to my Father-in-law (who recently passed away) by a friend in Gallop, New Mexico, in the early 1960’s. We believe it is an Iroquois False Face mask, but there are no markings on the inside, so it might be a replica. What info can you provide?  Richard, 1123

A:  I think this is a well carved example of the bent-nose-and-mouth-style mask that would be hard to find these days. 55 years ago there were some talented Native American carvers that did good work like this, and they often didn’t sign them. I have written about similar Iroquois masks on the Mystery Mask blog before. Also, you can find plenty of interesting info on the Internet. Don’t call yours a replica just because it was sold to a white man.  A


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