Demon mask from the Himalayas

Q:  Hoping to learn more regarding the origin of this mask. Is it from Borneo? Looking at other masks online it seems to bear resemblance to the Oni masks of Japan. This mask was purchased by a donor in 1984-85 in Kuching, Sarawak on the island of Borneo from an antique dealer.  This mask is part of an art collection at a small college. Just curious if we could learn anything new!  Sarah, 1122

A:  I can’t find a picture of a similar mask anywhere. The wax seal is something the Nepalese customs service used to place on the rear of masks purchased for export. It is likely to be an obscure Buddhist demon. Perhaps one of our readers will have another suggestion. My only worry is that this well carved piece looks like it may have been artificially aged.



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