South America

Bolivian Devil Mask with Lizard

Q:  This Bolivian mask represents a character from the Diablada known as a “Maligno” or “Demonio.”  It was made in La Paz, but it was probably used in the Oruro carnival.  It’s composed of linen covered in plaster, then painted.  The details such as the lizard on the head are mostly plaster, but there are solid wood anchors for the horns (which are removable).  The eyes are hand-painted glass, and the front teeth are probably sheep’s teeth.  I’m not sure what the eyelashes are made from.  The mask dates to the 1960s.  Aaron, 1121

A:  Once again Aaron shares with us a fine example of traditional masquerade. This is the product of lots of research and time spent on site, something most of us can’t do. Happily there are reputable dealers selling this caliber of masks on the internet… and it won’t cost you near the price of airfare and accommodations.  A+

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