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A piece of primitive Himalayan art

Nepalese mask
Nepalese mask

Q:  Thanks so much for the feedback.  This mask might be another wall hanging, but I wanted to send it  to see if you can figure the origin.  I was thinking North India or Tibet?  And then again maybe Central America.  I’m just awful at this! Thanks so much in advance, Christine.  651

A:  I think you’re doing just fine. This is a tourist mask from Nepal which is right between North India and Tibet. I decided to post this one because I love how it captures the the mysteries and spirituality of the Himalayan highlands. The way the  repousseed sheet metal parts have been applied is not done on this kind of mask very often.  It is indeed a charming and decorative piece of art for your wall .  C+


  • Christine

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you solo much for posting this. I feel quite proud that I found a mask worthy of praise! I’m glad I wasn’t too far off with the North India guess. I really appreciate your feedback and expertise.


  • Alain Rouveure

    I just came across this wonderful site about masks. How l missed it all those years…? OK. I just read the above from Bod and completely agree with him.
    Your mask is very decorative, very probably made in Nepal and definitely made for the tourist market only a few years ago. I have been traveling and regularly working in Nepal since 1979. I have seen and handled literally thousands of masks and seen similar ones, although never quite the same. It could be unique, but old? I doubt it from the photograph.
    Yes it is highly decorative and the craftsman did a great job with the patina. Well done. Alain

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