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Emit mask from Thailand

Ruesi Pra Pom
Ruesi Pra Pom

Q: Here is the latest Ermit mask I found and it is probably the best one I got so far . Comes from the personal home shrine of a Thai person I met. It’s very funny how nobody pays attention to these particular masks. Most antique dealers here focus on traditional dance Khon masks but not on Ermit masks which happen to be more interesting and more powerful because they are still used in Shamanist-Brahmanist ceremonies. Feel free to use the pic for your book if you want.  Cheers , Stephff,  652

A:  Thanks for your help. I am so impressed by the quality of Thai masks you are able to find. Of course, living there gives you a nice advantage. As promised, I am listing your email address in case some of our readers are interested in learning more about Thai masks… or perhaps purchasing one.  A+ 

Stephane Peray, Stephff Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand    email: stephff@loxinfo.co.th


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