Mexican mask made of copper

hammered metal Devil
hammered metal Devil

Q:  Purchased at a swap meet in Texas.  Material seems to be copper with remnants of a cloth mesh backing.  Was told it was African, but no real idea.  LG, 762

A:  Your mask comes from just south of the border in La Parota, Guerrero. Masks like this were made for tourists visiting the mountains of Northeastern Guerrero since the early days. In 1981 a book called Mexican Masks was published and the author, Donald Cordry, said these large beaten-metal masks were used many years ago in a Rain-Petitioning Dance, but most collectors today know they are strictly decorative. They are attractive and some still show up in museums and a few collections. Of course, this one represents a devil rather than a rain god. Personally, I like to collect Mexican decoratives, but most collectors won’t have anything to do with them. For more info on them click here. C


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