Yellow Guatemalan mask

Unusual Guatemalan mask
Unusual Guatemalan mask

Q:  I wonder if you could tell me anything about this mask. I purchased it at auction in a small town near Ottawa, Canada. It was described as a Victorian Carnival Mask. Thanks for your time, Rod, 761

A:  The best I can do is tell you it is probably from Guatemala. I have no idea what the character is or what part of the country it comes from.

I’ve only seen animals (and once a woman) painted yellow– never a male character. Also, the four eye holes are too far apart. The larger holes should contain glass eyeballs. It is indeed unusual for a Guatemalan mask, but I get the feeling it was not made for the tourist trade.  B


  • Darkrye

    wow it’s really weird but it looks cool at the same time i’m from Guatemala too
    but it’s really weird i got to say it looks creepy too masks these days am i right?

  • Bob Ibold

    Have you had any experience with masks in Guatemala? Is there any experience or photos you would be willing to share with us?

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