Airport art from Africa

aaaMystrySolvd-977Q:  Thank you so much for providing this service! I received this mask from a wealthy family as a parting gift. I was only told that it was purchased while they were abroad. They are certainly not the type of people who would appreciate any questions about the gift, but I’d love to know more about it for insurance purposes as well as my own edification.  Karen, 977

A:  Collectors often refer to the commercial masks and other carvings designed for the tourist trade as “airport art.” Though this is a derogatory term, there are some where the artistic qualities are appealing to most tourists and even some collectors. This type of Guro mask from Ivory Coast is one of those. Please look at blog #765 for another one.  I like this mask and hope the you enjoy it too. But please don’t waste your money on more insurance.  C-

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