Contemporary mask from Africa’s DRC

Q: This is a very recent purchase. It looks old, but of course we can’t tell anything for sure, however it looks very different to me. The tattered white cloth over the back is 12″ long, the red cloth is 24″ long. I paid $75 dollars for it. Deb, 1613

A: As a collector who does not specialize in African masks, I will foolishly guess this is a recently made (and possibly used) artifact from the Mbala people of north-western Democratic Republic of Congo. But I hope we get some help from one of our regular visitors who knows more about African masks than I do. Let’s watch for a comment. A or B

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  • Eric

    This is an authentic Yoruba mask from Nigeria.
    It is used in the Egungun festival and this piece has been worn and danced, I would think it could be from the 1950’s but could be older.
    The blue colour comes from reckitts blue, a washing powder traded from Europeans to west Africans.
    For $75 You got a bargain

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