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Dan, Ivory Coast
Dan, Ivory Coast

Q:  I purchased this mask eighteen years ago from an individual. This mask is of particular interest due to its use of materials. Wood mask with hammered metal teardrop under the eye and each is attached with three brads. The mask is surrounded with cloth and crudely sewn. Seashells are attached to the cloth with thread. Two folded over half round circles are attached thru the cloth and have what I assume are rocks in them to make noise. Unfortunately, my wife discarded the certificates of origin. Wood mask size 5” wide X 8” tall. From cloth to  cloth 9“ wide.  From cloth to bells 12.5” tall.  James, 677

A:  Thanks for the good description and the three photos.This is a nice example of a Dan mask. The Dan are an ethnic group from north-east Liberia and Ivory Coast on the west coast of Africa. They live close to the Guere, Guro and Mano people. The carving style is true to form and the interesting attachments are correct, though not as common. It represents female beauty, both natural and cosmetic, in a stylized way favored by that culture. Most collectors would enjoy having this particular mask on their wall.  B+



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