African art show in Bloomington, IN

Edo lizard mask, Nigeria
Edo lizard mask, Nigeria

Q:  We’re hosting a special exhibition called “Visions from the Forests: The Art of Liberia and Sierra Leone” at the Indiana University Art Museum. The centerpiece of the exhibition is over 30 different masks. I was doing a little web research, and came across your site, and thought you might find this exhibition interesting.  It opens March 7, and will continue to the High Museum in Atlanta afterwards. It has previously been on view at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Smithsonian. You can check out the Smithsonian’s online companion to the exhibition here:  Abe Morris, 742

A:  It is indeed an impressive show. I also want our readers to know that your museum has a large and very fine permanent collection of traditional African art. And the IU campus has other important attractions, plus lots of good restaurants. It’s worth an overnight trip.  (The lizard mask is from the permanent collection.)

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