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Multiple Mahakalas for decor

aaaMystrySolvd-1028Q:  The masks were purchased from the daughter of a collector who died. The only information she gave me is that the mother traveled the world and always wore a mask. The little information I got on the Internet for the of mask 9 heads is that the Mahakala is a sacred entity of Tibetan Buddhism. But also I found many other names for that entity. Perhaps it was produced in Tibet and made of wood. The size of it is about 40cm tall and 30cm wide. I have a few more of this collection I acquired and still do not have enough information, so I will attach them to email. Any information you may have regarding origin, rarity and value would help me a lot.  Thiago, 1028
A:  A lot of tourist masks are made in Nepal, but I’ve never seen one like this from there or anywhere else in the Himalayas. It is too small to be a usable mask, but it would make for a wonderful decor item. I think it is very attractive. Hopefully one of our readers will be better informed.
Please don’t send more pictures to The Mask Man. I only accept one mask per person, per month.  B

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