Native America

Indian mask made of bone

aaaMystrySolvd-1029Q:  The mask came from an inheritance when my friend died at the Oakville reservation (Chehalis tribe), in Washington. It will be a trade of medicine. We never discussed monetary values… it was a part of her memories of a past pow wow. I am not sure it is even Chehalis or any northwest tribes because she did some travels when she was young. (Montana or southwest),  it is pelvic bone , the beads don’t look old and the grass is not brittle,  the paint looks new and I am not sure what the teeth are made of. I am looking for a quick sale because I need herbal remedies for small cell lung cancer. Chemotherapy is not an option, and the herbs are very expensive. I have looked and asked and haven’t found another like it , or anyone who knows even what tribe it may be from. Are these photos enough for an estimated value ? I am hoping your experience will help identify the origin of the mask.  Richard, 2029

A:  I hope a collector of Native American material will respond. This artifact was made to be used in culture, not for money. It would be interesting to learn more about. Also, you might then be able to determine its value.

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