3 African multiple-faced masks

The many tribes living on the continent of Africa use an amazing number of different masks. and our book both have way more African masks than any other kind. However there is one subcategory that doesn’t show up in catalogs and collections very often. That would be the ones that have two, three or four faces on the same mask. Obviously they are harder and more costly to make, and can be difficult to display.

Using Google you can find them easily. Collectors should try to own at least one each that are well made and affordable (reproductions). The first shown on this blog is a reproduction of a Senufo Keplie, the second is a Lega
Bwami from the Democratic Republic od Congo, and the third is a Fang helmet-style mask from Gabon. The last two are authentic ones from famous museums… which only the very wealthy could afford. Bob, 1747

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