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Balinese masks, the most dramatic

In a post on Nov 18 called “6 Mexican Devil masks” I wrote:  “In my opinion African masks are the most artistic, Japanese the best made, and Mexican the most creative.”

A few days later this comment arrived:  “I think we need to give a mention to Balinese masks. Having spent some time with mask makers in Ubud*, I think their quality and the dedication they put to their masks is on par with the Japanese, and their artistry is equivalent to that of Africa.”

I agree. Look at this fabulous version of Hanuman, the white monkey god. His honest personality and magical powers make him an important character in the Wayang Wong dance dramas. If you enlarge this hi-res scan you can see the detail and high quality. Judy Slattum’s book called Masks of Bali will show you many more beautiful masks from this island in Indonesia.

*Ubud is a town in Bali famous for its masks.

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