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Q: I just discovered this mask (have not bought it) and have no idea what it is.  The seller doesn’t either.  It bears some superficial resemblances to some forms of Bulgarian Kuker masks, but I’ve never seen one in leather like this.  It might be an American folk mask for all I know.  What do you think?  Aaron, 623

A: I hope you buy it. It is the work of a talented artist, probably European. I wouldn’t rule out American either. The leather looks like it is a complete skin from a smaller animal. Very natural. Subtle use of color, hair and other details. Surely it was done by a master-craftsman. Please! Someone help us identify this excellent mask and take it from a B+ to an A+.


  • Bob Ibold

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t know about Aaron, but I couldn’t find anything on Peruvian Chuto masks. Could you tell us more?

  • Aaron

    My translation from

    The “Chuto” or “Watrila” es a character from the Tunatada and Chonguinada, dances typical of central Peru. The Chuto represents an Indian or mestizo working for nobles or wealthy persons. He dances around them with a whip or tree-branch-club in his hand to defend his patrons against beggars.

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