Anne Frank portrait mask

Q:  I have this thank you note I keep forgetting to send to you for the wonderful inclusion of my work in your awesome book. Not only that but this book is a major source for me as reference and inspiration. Anyways I also thought I would keep you up to date with new work I’ve made. This one  is a gold leafed Mache of Anne Frank.  Patrick, 1084

A:  Patrick Risse does many other types of contemporary art masks in addition to famous portraits. They are always one of a kind and very well made, but you don’t see them often on this website. I call them art masks. The “Ask the Mask Man” blog usually posts photos and comments about ethnographic masks (those used for ceremony or some other purpose in a particular culture). All ethnographic masks can be artistic, but that is not their primary purpose. They are usually referred to as folk art, whereas Patrick makes fine art A


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  • Tony Martinelli

    I have this mask and several other works (masks, collage) by Patrick Risse in my collection. His craft is master level; his creativity is mercurial in the best and most plastic ways; and his vision is boundless.

    I am an art collector. I’m proud and lucky to have Patrick represented in my collection. I hope to add more pieces thoroughout the years.

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