South America

Diablada mask from Ecuador

AP PHOTO: Masked devils dance in Ecuadorean mountain town

A devil dancer takes part in “La Diablada” festival in Pillaro, Ecuador, Friday, Jan. 6, 2017. Thousands of singing and dancing devils take over a mountain town in Ecuador for six days of revelry in the streets.
Herb sent this photo to us today.  I think it’s wonderful that we can see a mask being worn in South America just a day ago. More evidence that masquerade is alive and well around the world.  1085



  • Chris

    Yeah, these folks there create fanciful masks. However, honestly, I do not like them so much. In my opinion, these masks are too wild, they try to outdo one another by putting ever more horns and features etc. on them. I would surely have had the opportunity to get one of these, but there’s another problem: how to transport them around the world? They are huge and quite fragile. So, better to visit the village and see them while performing alive!

  • Bob Ibold

    Chris, you are so right about visiting villages. I regret that I never included traveling as part of my mask collecting activities. Many of the tribal art dealers I know do at least some of their acquisitions on site. Troy Yohn, my partner in crime, goes abroad (often with his young son) at least once a year to observe masquerade first hand.

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