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aaaMystrySolvd-908Q:  I do love old stuff. When we bought our historic house 10 years ago we bought it with items in house still. I have found a few interesting items also.  Here are a couple pics of a mask we found. its about 35 inches x 25 and is carved out of one piece of bottom of a tree. It looks like maybe rubber tree wood painted in Indian colors. Well anything you can tell me is great  John, 908

A:  Mexican decoratives, also called tourist masks, are avoided by most collectors. None the less, I often find them  interesting and even beautiful, which is certainly true of yours.  This large, cylindrical shaped wood carving is painted in a rich combination of colors. Think of how great it would look on the wall. In my new book, Masks of the World, items 731-764 are all Mexican decorative masks! Each is very creative and different from the others. Look at blog #860 to see how different they can be.

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  • John

    The colors in this mask are same colors pacasso was using . Plus frita diablo and pacasso all were living around Mexico City .This mask took a lot of work there is a lot of carving that has been done by hand and it is from large bottom of a tree on piece and paints were from plants.No telling who did this masking isnot new it truly is a one of a kind

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