Unusual Fang mask from Ivory Coast

aaaMystrySolvd-907aaaaMystrySolvd-907cQ:    I got strongly interested in African tribal art two years ago when I came to Brussels. Recently I bought a Fang mask. The shape is not the common shape of Fang Ngil masks. This one in the photo is 56cmX24cm and weighs 2,4kg. Is it a true Fang mask? What kind of variety? On your value code where would it stand?  Ricardo, 907

A:  Though not common, I believe it is a true Fang mask. ln the side view you can see clearly the elegant way the concave facial area has been sculpted out of the face. The Fang do this so well. I should also point out that the lips and teeth have been done in a style that is more typical of the nearby Baule people. That is how the lips on the previous mask (#906) should have been done. If you do more research you might be able to name this mask. Of course, it is a replica made for the tourist and export trades.  B

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  • Marc DUBOIS

    Just to make clear the the FANG tribe is occupying the southernmost districts of CAMEROON and the forests of the northern half of GABON south to the Ogooué River estuary. They are not living in IVORY COAST.

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