Another interesting Buso

aaaMystrySolvd-1041Q:  I would like you to have a look at this mask. The seller has no clue about it, but I think it is an older, somewhat crude Busojaras mask from Hungary. The name on the rear seems to be Hungarian, and it comes with the year of carving. It may be unused mask but it looks like it was made for use (recess for the nose). The carved lines on the face are remarkable. What do you think of it?  Chris, 1041

A:  It is especially nice because of the excellent horns and the interesting carvings on the face. The signature should be researched and will possibly add more value. Just Google Buso masks and you’ll get lots of photos and descriptions of this famous Middle European tradition. Who would have thought that 4 of the 5 last Mystery Masks would be from Europe?aaaMystrySolvd-1041b



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