Kendo protective mask

Kendo is one of Japan’s martial arts sports based on the two-handed sword fighting of the samurai.  It has evolved into a system of mental and physical training using bamboo sticks. This mask has been worn in many mock fights on the island of Okinawa. Its user would also have been protected by a uniform of quilted cloth panels with a sturdy chest protector and loose pants. What is so interesting about these masks (and those used in other sports) is that they also have the ability to intimidate the opponent. In this way they are not unlike many of the other masks we deal with on this website.  1040aaaMystrySolvd-1040

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  • Bob Ibold

    Just one more comment. Those masks that are used for a purpose in a culture are almost always more interesting, and in some cases, more beautiful than those made for tourists or export.

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