Old Mexican mask?

Q:   I recently purchased a very unusual mask. It is extremely worn and aged and doesn’t look like anything I can find on the internet. I got it at an auction. There was no info. I am just trying to find out information about it,  but if I find out that it is valuable I would consider selling it.  Edgar, 997

A:  The mask appears to be a very old artifact that would look great on the wall. Possibly it is from Mexico, but there is not enough detail to be sure. Maybe it is old, but wood masks can deteriorate a lot in one year if left outside. Concerning its value, I would suggest having an expert determine the type of wood. If the species is indigenous to Mexico, you’ve made a good start. The next step will cost some money– sending it to a professional for determining the mask’s real age with special instrumentationaaaMystrySolvd-997. That’s your call.

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  • Bob Ibold

    Jim just sent an email saying “I can tell you that it is a pale soft wood, not unlike pine.”
    But we need to know what species of pine and if it is indigenous to Mexico. Actually, there are a large number of “pale soft woods” used for masks.

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