South America

Indian mask from South America

Q:  In June I will be donating my Mataco & other art from Argentina, which includes the two fine masks from that region that I got from you.  It might be best for folks if you posted the photo of this mask  because it seems that these plain wood masks are what they are making these days in Paraguay. As I mentioned in my e-mail of today, the Chaco area is the region from which I’ll next be donating my art, which is currently on display in our dining room. I picked for you this mask because it’s pretty rare and interesting.  Dean, 1138
A:  When the Europeans settled in what is now Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, they came close to exterminating all of the indigenous people. So any tribal masks from that area are uncommon. This mask was carved by a culture called Guarani. Thank you for sharing this with us.



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