Old, used Mexican mask

Q:  I picked this mask up in a little shop in Juarez Mexico City. The seller said that it was authentic.
On each cheek there is half of a yin yang. Not what I typically think of for Central America. The eye hole placements look right for a Mexican mask though, there seems to be signs of wear, there’s a nose hole, and it’s been visibly repaired. To me, all signs of authenticity.
I asked the seller to write down anything she knew. She wrote “Mascava del año 1940” and “Estado de Veracruz”. The mystery gets better due to the fact that the original owners name was written on the inside of the mask in pencil. I’m not sure how but when I got home it was totally worn away.
I paid about $80 for it, so not a huge investment but would love to find out what I actually have. Thanks for any help you or your readers can provide!  Sal, 1137

A:  Definitely authentic and perhaps made 77 years ago. (Mascara is misspelled.)  It could be from Veracruz, maybe Guerrero. I have never seen cheeks painted like that. Let’s hope someone comments.  A



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