South America

Another mask from the Deep South

I normally post only one mask per person, however the previous South American mask from Paraguay is interesting in comparison to this one. Here we have one from the Mapuche people of south-central Chile. Both indigenous groups survived colonization of lower South America, but they are small populations in comparison to the Indian populations further north, so we don’t get to see their masks very often.  1139

Here is what Dean has to say about this Mapuche mask…

Carved, plain, human/spirit; leather hanging thong & for the lips; has a horn tacked onto the  forehead, along with 3 strips & brown  horsehair;  wool for the hair, mustache & goatee. 15 h.,  7.5 w., 4 deep. Made by unknown artist  c. 1990s at the Mapuche Reducción (Reservation) by Pucón, Chile, where it was bought in 1994.  


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