Another Kwele mask from Gabon

Thank you very much Bob, you confirmed my suspicions about it. Also appreciate the addition of it to your website along with the mention of Kwele masks. I attached a picture of a mask I have.  I do wish to get a more traditional looking one. There are ones covered in kaolin clay and flatter in shape, like the one you posted.   Forest, 1140

A:  Forest is referring to a recent post on March 24th which showed a much different Kwele antelope mask. This tribe makes quite a few versions of the Kwele. You can see more different ones on page 28 of Masks of the World by Ibold & Yohn. That’s five designs for the same character coming from a relatively small culture in Gabon, West Africa. I think there are several more to be found. In my opinion, Forrest should try to get all of them! Highly focused collecting can be very rewarding.



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