Another interesting mystery

Q:  I inherited this mask. I would like to know its origin and the period.  The material is wood, which has been polished, and the dimensions are height 24cm, width 15,5cm and depth 5,5cm.
It is relatively flat.  Erik, 901

A:  Flat masks without eye holes are usually made for tourists… but not always. I have seen things like this from both Africa and the South Pacific that were used in culture. It has the feel of authenticity– as if it has been handled for many years in some tribe. I hope that Erik will double check to see if it is made of bone rather than wood. It looks like bone to me. And, please, will one of our viewers make a helpful comment. The Mask Man is frustrated!





  • Nate

    I concur with Bob. This screams bone, not wood. The picture of the “rot” clearly shows the cell structure of bone, not wood. It also looks to be old…100+ years, which has allowed the bone to patina itself as its inner core as slowly moved outwards and become patinato the high gloss we see today. Eyes remind me of Crowie shells and therefore my mind thinks “Africa” when I see this.

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