The scary Buso from Hungary

aaaMystrySolvd-1021Q:  I just returned from a trip where I bought several masks. This one is from Gyorgy Prokai from Mohacs. Unlike my other Buso masks I have aquired, this one has the full sheep’s leather hood and is fairly heavy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this mask.  Aaron, 1021
A: The Busójárás is an annual celebration of the Croats living in the town of Mohács, Hungary, held at the end of the Carnival season, ending the day before Ash Wednesday. The celebration features Busós (people wearing traditional masks) and includes folk music, masquerading, parades and dancing. We’re always appreciative of the wonderful artifacts you collect and are willing to share photographically. AaaaMystrySolvd-1021-b  









The lower photo is from Wikipedia.

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