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Good books about masks

aaaMystrySolvd-1022I often promote my new book, Masks of the World, on this blog. But it’s not the only important book for people who are interested in all kinds of masks. Here are six more that are still in print, with my short comment on each…

Masks- Faces of Culture  by John Nunley
This should be your first choice. It’s big, beautiful, and fascinating to read.

The Letts Guide to Collecting Masks  by Timothy Teuten
After 26 years in print, this inexpensive book can still be a big help to beginning collectors.

Masks and the Art of Expression  by John Mack
Almost as good as John Nunley’s big book.

Musee International du Carnaval et du Masque  by Michel Revelard
The official book of the world’s best mask museum where many of the displays are in full costume.

Maske by Phyliss Galembo
All of the photos are in costume. It’s limited to Africa and its diaspora. Gorgeous photography.

Masks of the World  by D. Congdon-Martin & Jim Pieper
I stole the name of this book, and I occasionally use it for reference… but only buy it if it’s cheap.

I used this Indian mask because there’s another one on the cover of my new book. India has the richest folk art traditions still alive in the world. Why don’t we see more of it on the web?


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