Ask the Mask Man or professional appraisal

Q: Got this from a dealer in Port Moresby. I would like to know its authenticity, value and where/tribe it came from. Old or new? After my answer, John wrote… I am interested in an appraisal, and information on where the mask is from (in Papua New Guinea) whether it is an authentic mask that was used in ceremonies, and whether it is particularly valuable. John, 1575

A: The answers that are posted on this site usually show 3 good photographs of the mystery mask, some interesting background info, and an A, B, C, D evaluation with can roughly suggest its value. An appraisal describes the mask, talks about marketing strategies, and lists the wholesale, retail and insurance values. These two services are different– the “Ask the Mask Man” blog is free, where as the appraisal requires payment of a fee.

We will try to improve our copy to make sure these differences are clear to all viewers. In the meantime, I will send John an estimate for an appraisal.

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