Authentic Mexican mask

BurkeMuseumQ:  At the Burke Museum of Natural History in Seattle,  I have been working with a collection of masks from Mexico (according to the donor) which were recently donated. I have attached photos of a wooden, hand carved mask which I have not been able to find much information about. Most of the masks from this donor were purchased from Milagros, a Mexican Folk Art store in downtown Seattle, though I am unsure if this particular mask was purchased there.   Molly, 973

A:  I have actually purchased masks from Milagros. It is an excellent source. Your mask has a lot of character and is certainly authentic Mexican. I love it! Unfortunately, I can’t give you enough information for the label a respectable museum such as the Burke would want.  Maybe one of our viewers will suggest a few more details.  A


  • Aaron

    It’s hard to say with certainty, but my best judgment is a pañol (el español, the Spaniard) mask from Hidalgo, or possibly Veracruz, for the Danza de Juanegro. But the person who would know best, because he is the foremost expert I know on masks from that region, is Bryan Stevens.

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