Authentic, used African mask

West or Central Africa
West or Central Africa

Q:  I have three masks that my Mom got when working in the Ivory Coast in the 1960’s. I will submit the more outstanding one, the horned and somewhat furry mask. The masks are made out of wood. Do you happen to have more info on this type of mask?   Tatjana, 739

A:  I’m not a expert on African masks, but the three sharp photos you sent suggest the mask may have been used in culture for celebration or ritual. That would make it very desirable to collectors. Now we must try to identify the purpose it was used for, and by what particular tribe. Let’s hope that some of our readers will comment. Also, you could start searches at libraries and on the internet. After it has been properly identified, I think it might be interesting to get an explanation for the two big holes on the cheeks and the two on the inside of the upper lip, do not go all the way through.

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