Baule Kpan mask from Ivory Coast

aaaMystrySolvd-880bQ:  I bought this recently and was told its rwandan.  The guy said a catholic preist gave it to him as he did some work over there.  I just wanted a little mor info on it.  I bought it as a gift for my aunt and uncle.  Dave, 880

A:  Masks like this can come from several different tribes in Ivory Coast, West Africa. So I searched and found a mask that is similar in several ways. Here is what the copy said…  The Baule people moved west to the Ivory Coast more than 200 years ago and adapted masking traditions from their neighbors, the Guro, Senufo and Yaure peoples. There are three basic types used in a special dance of rejoicing called Goli, symbolizing the social order. These masks are called the Kpan, and with elaborate coiffures and refined carving they represent the senior female in the ceremonies. Though quite handsome, this one was probably made and artificially aged for the tourist trade.  B


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