Biombo mask from the Congo

Q: I bought this mask with a label “Kambula, Zaire” at a vintage sales in Antwerp (Belgium) for 70 euro. It’s 38 cm long and 24 cm width. Wim, 1673

A: I’m guessing this is a Biombo mask from the central part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kambula is far away in South Africa. This handsome mask is probably a well-made reproduction, but it could be a used artifact. The design is beautiful, especially when viewed from the side. You got a good deal even if it is a repro.

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  • Wim Martens

    Thank you so much for the quick response. In the meantime, by accident, I found an interesting mask on which mentions Kambulu, RDC as the origin (there seems to be some doubt about the fact whether that mask stems from Mbangani or Kambulu). In which case it could be a Cibwabwabwa mask. So maybe the label on my mask should mention Kambulu instead of Kambula.
    Kind regards,

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