Black-faced mask from Mexico

Negro, Moor or Fishman
Negro, Moor or Fishman

Q:  I am a dealer and a good friend and client Dennis Aigner of Laguna Beach, CA suggested I run this by you.  Obtained mostly private estate where most of the material came from Canada. Trying to place this. Any help would be appreciated.  Matt, 812

A:  Several characters in various Mexican dances, including Negros, Moors and Fishermen, have faces that are usually painted black. This one is otherwise difficult to further identify. Frankly, I have not seen white dots on the eyes, center forehead and cheeks made out of shell before. The rest of the features are more or less typically Mexican. Though you can never be sure from photographs, I think it might be an authentic danced mask, perhaps of some age. So if you can get more info it could be of value to collectors.   B+

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  • Bryan Stevens

    I keep looking at this mask, but it does not look Mexican to me, but maybe Asian or Himalayan.
    Bob, can you show us a side view? From the front the ears really don’t look Mexican.

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