Chivo mask from Hidalgo, Mexico

Q:  This one has me a bit confused. Would love your commentary. Twisted nose makes me think Mexican and off the top of my head I can only think of tourist pieces that depict this twisted nose. However, the real goat horns, heavy wood, patina all scream Guatemalan to me and ethnic use. The horn tips have holes evidencing that this once had bells or the likes attached to it… that too makes me think more in the direction of Mexican than Guatemalan, although fitting for both. 51% leaning in the direction of Mexican…given the lines on the front, color choices and the nose again.  Nate, 1240
A:  This is an older Chivo (goat) mask made by the Otomi people in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. These carnival masks often have a pair of real goat horns nailed to each side of the head and can be adorned with ribbons, bells and other ornaments. The carved lines, eyes, twisted nose, smiling mouth and long beard are all typical. The horns are especially attractive. Chivo masks are a favorite of mine.  I would give it an A- because the original carving was a little weak.

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