Rare chimpanzee mask from the Tyrol

Q:  I’ve had this mask for 10 years, and paid approx. $80 at an online auction. I’ts a Fasnacht mask from the Tyrol region of Austria. I liked the expressive carving and the hinged jaw. Not sure of it’s age, but I thought I would share it with you since it’s unusual, and I haven’t seen any similar masks online.  Dan, 1400

A:  This carved wood carnival mask is obviously from the Tyrol. That means it could be used in Austria, South Germany, Eastern Switzerland or Northern Italy at “Fasnacht” to chase away winter. I can see it mixed in with those crazy Krampus characters.

But it is very rare. I have never encountered any kind of animal mask from this area. It was made by one of the top carvers, just to be different. It’s worth more than you paid! What a treasure!! A


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