Old, used Urhobo mask, Nigeria

Q:  I found this mask at a thrift store. Can you tell me anything about it?
Mike, 1399  (no email address)A:  This appears to be a museum quality mask, not a fake. I have shown it to several dealers and collectors, all of whom have different opinions. Now it is published on the Mask Man blog and I am waiting for your opinion.

After we hear from you I’ll make a decision and post a comment for all to see. Then something nice will be sent to the winner.  🙂


  • Bob Ibold

    Thanks Eric. One of the other experts has voted for Nigeria. Let’s wait and see if we get a few more comments.

  • Bob Ibold

    Nate sent in this comment:
    Indian or African, to me its a antique fake… that whomever produced it drew artistic inspiration from several cultures… I wouldn’t want to touch the thing personally, given the African markers (especially those ears).

    I think you and I both are thrown off even that its an example of a very early fake which now inherently seems more real given that its had time to truly age…


    • Eric

      Nate is absolutely wrong.
      It’s 100% an authentic and old Igala mask from Nigeria, with clearly visible tribal use.
      I have no doubt whatsoever.

  • jerald

    Only the mask on the right is Urhobo. Eric”s mask and the other Hamill gallery mask on left are Igala based on coloring and tribal markings and comes from Idah.

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