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Executioner’s mask
Executioner’s mask

Q:  I just got back from the U.K., and there was an amazing medieval executioner’s mask in the Tower of London, but it was black on a black background with glass in front and very low light, so I wasn’t able to get a good photo (tripod would have been impossible because of the massive crowds of people). But someone got a relatively good shot of it and posted it, so here it is.  Aaron, 663

A:  The world of masquerade can be a wild and crazy place.

This painted metal mask from the Tower of London helps to confirm the fact that that any culture at any period in time can come up with very weird masks. I hope some of our readers will share their opinions.


  • Ray Hartenstine

    Very cool and interesting no matter how weird…!!! Almost has a Iroquois false face mask look about it… Often the false face masks have a weird like crooked/off centered smile like this… Any idea as to how old this mask is…??

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