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Bhutanese Devil mask
Bhutanese Devil mask

Q:  Here is the Bhutan dragon mask I bought a couple of years ago. It is about a foot long. The black strap you see in the photo I added and the mask sits more on top of your head then in front of it. I have seen this of other photos of Bhutanese mask wearers. Also you see through the mouth of the mask because is sits on your fore head and just in front of your eyes. It is an Asian style dragon that has the branched horns and thin white whiskers, but what is cool is the typical mustache that many Bhutanese men wear.  Ray, 664

A:  Your comments are helpful.This is a very nice mask. Most of the Bhutanese masks we see are well made and identical to the ones used in performance. If this one definitely looks used it is worth a little more to collectors, and if it was truly old, even more. You can probably find this character and the role he plays in the play by searching Google. There are a number of Bhutanese immigrants that have settled in my town, Lancaster, PA, in the past 2 or 3 years. I wonder why that is? I thought it was a well-governed country.  A


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