Ogoni masks from Nigeria


Q:  Because of a heavy depression I started to make masks on a very basic level. The mask in attachment really interests me but I have no clue on where to position it. I was thinking Ogoni but I can’t retrace it there.  Bart, 1398

A:  Unfortunately your photo is low resolution, so I picked a sharper example. This beautiful black & white Ogoni has the separated-to-move lower jaw, the snub nose, diamond-shaped lips, coiffure with side parting and piercing around the rim that we’ve come to expect from the Ogoni culture. Your yellow mask is also pictured. Do you actually carve and paint tribal masks? Could you send us a photo of one of your pieces?




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  • Bob Ibold

    Bart: But like I told you, it’s very basic. I’ve never had any kind of education. I just started carving last summer. It still is therapy to me.

    The Mask Man: I looked at your website. You have talent for carving wood and painting, but your pieces are purely decorative. Why not try doing a new mask that could be used for dance in its place of origin? You would have to copy it exactly. Don’t try to age it. Call it a “reproduction of an authentic….”

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